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Best Time To Book an Inshore Fishing Charter

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

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If you’re thinking about booking a private inshore fishing charter in Orange Beach, AL, you may be wondering which season or time of day to book in order to hook the big one. The good news is you can fish around Orange Beach year-round, and any day spent fishing is a good day.

Of course, hooking a big fish can turn a great fishing expedition into an exceptional one, and choosing the right season can increase your chances of snagging a fish worthy of bragging about. Here’s what you need to know to choose the best time to book an inshore fishing charter.

The Best Season

In general, the best time to drop a line is in the summer. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day is a broad generalization, so if you’re planning a trip during another season, don’t fret. Different fish are in abundance at different times. According to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism, red snapper season is highly regulated. This means if catching and keeping red snapper is a priority, the fishing season opens on June 1, and, for charter fishing vessels, runs through August 2. Throughout the season, there’s a red snapper limit of two per person of fish that are least 16 inches in length. Your charter provider will be responsible for reporting your red snapper catches.

Common Inshore Fish Catches

Though many anglers who visit Orange Beach, AL, hope to catch a red snapper, there are a variety of other popular and delicious fish species making their homes at least part of the year off the coast of Alabama. Here’s a quick list and months they are most commonly caught on some of the fishing charters in Orange Beach, AL.

● Spanish mackerel, March-September

● Black drum, March-October

● Bluefish, March-November

● White Trout, All year

● Flounder, April-October

● Seatrout, May-November

● Red drum, All year

● Sheepshead, All year

private inshore fishing charters orange beach al Fishing from boat

Fishing Charter

Experienced anglers can spend hours planning the right time of day to fish to increase the odds of reeling in a big one. Things like lunar cycles, the tides, and the time of day can make a difference. That said, when you book a professional charter, the captain and crew will have already done the work. Additionally, they’ll know the best places to fish, regardless of the time of day you choose to board the boat.

In general, dawn and dusk are the most favorable times of day to hit the water. However, fishing during any time of day during a full moon means a strong high tide, drawing in more fish. Your charter’s crew knows that your best chances to haul in the big one will be somewhat dependent on factors such as the type of bait you use and the direction of the current. The bottom line is that every day on the water is a good day, so you the season and the time of day aren’t the only important factors.

Saltwater fishing requires many of the same skills as freshwater fishing. So, if you’ve ever cast a reel at your local lake, you’ve already developed some of the training necessary to make a big catch. However, even novice anglers often find success with a successful guide. The more you fish, the better you’ll be. There’s no time like the present to get started. Call Liquid Force Inshore Fishing today at (251) 233-5731 to book a charter or book online.

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