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Things You Should Bring on a Charter Fishing Trip

Fishing Rod in Front of Water for Fishing Charters in Orange Beach Alabama

Booking a fishing trip with the best fishing charters in Orange Beach, AL, can provide an exciting way to enjoy a day or evening. Licensed fishing guides take the hard work out of fishing trips by not only transporting you to the spots where the fish are biting, but by cleaning the fish you catch and providing you with much of the gear you need for a successful trip. However, there are some things that you should bring to ensure that you have the best possible experience on the water.

If you’re considering fishing charters in Orange Beach, AL, make sure that you bring a few pieces of mission-essential gear that will make your pursuit of the Gulf Coast’s top inshore fish species more enjoyable. While a good charter service will provide you with things like tackle, rods, reels, drinks, and snacks, there are some items that you can bring that will make your trip more comfortable. Read on for a list of things you’ll want to make sure you bring on your next inshore charter fishing trip.

The Right Clothes

While weather on the northern Gulf Coast can be fickle, it’s better to be prepared for any conditions that could reasonably arise. That means that in the summer, you’re probably fine to wear cool clothing, a hat to keep the sun off your head, and maybe a waterproof windbreaker just in case you get caught in a quickly rising rain shower. However, in the fall months, you may be better served bringing a light jacket and long pants. Gloves are a good idea in cooler months, and some fishermen swear by facemasks that will keep the wind off your cheeks. Shoes are also critical. While flip-flops may be considered beach attire, you’re better off wearing footwear with a closed toe and slip-resistant soles on a fishing trip.

Protection from the Elements

Fishing takes place in an environment that creates a perfect storm for sunburn. There’s little shade, you’re exposed to full sun for extended periods, and the reflective nature of the water can amplify the energy of the sun and produce horrendous sunburns. Therefore, it’s a good idea to bring a strong sunscreen along with you on your charter trip. Nothing is worse than a sunburn the day after a great fishing trip. Sunglasses are also a great idea, as the light shimmering off the water can be blinding and lead to vision fatigue. Additionally, polarized sunglasses may give you an advantage as you pursue inshore species in shallow water since polarized glasses allow fishermen to see through the glare. Lip balm is another advisable piece of gear to prevent chapping, and it’s a good idea to bring rain gear if there are storms in the forecast.

Essential Medicines

It goes without saying that you should bring medicines along with you, even on a short-day charter. You can also bring motion sickness medicines that can help with the gentle swaying of the boat on inshore waters. Though reputable charters will have a first aid kit on board each craft, there’s no reason you can’t bring one of your own to attend to minor injuries that could arise. Also you may need insect repellent at times, especially when pursuing inshore species in deltas and saltwater marshes.

Fishing Charters in Orange Beach Alabama

Necessary Storage

Since you’ll be bringing along a few pieces of essential gear, you’ll need a place to keep them, along with other essentials such as your phone and wallet. A waterproof backpack is a perfect way to keep everything in one place, since you can’t have loose gear rolling around in the boat for safety reasons. Even though your charter service may provide drinks, you may also want to bring a cooler along for your own personal purposes.

An inshore charter can provide you with a great time on the waters of the northern Gulf Coast, but just to remember to bring a few essential pieces of gear that can make your trip more comfortable. To learn more about charter fishing trips and important items to bring, contact Liquid Force Inshore Charters at (251) 233-5731.

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