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Tips to Consider When Preparing for a Night Fishing Charter

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Inshore fishing on the Alabama Gulf Coast can provide plenty of excitement for those who want to go after a wide variety of fish and enjoy the bounty of the coastal marsh and surrounding protected waters. However, if there’s anything that can add to the fun of an inshore fishing charter, it’s chasing those cagey inshore gamefish after the sun sets. After all, many prized inshore fish species are more active at night, which means the fishing action can be explosive and intoxicating for anyone who experiences it. An inshore night fishing trip represents one of the best fishing charters available on the northern Gulf Coast.

However, to get the most out of your night fishing charters in Orange Beach, AL, there are some preparations you can make to increase your chances of success and make sure that you have a safe, productive trip. Keep reading to learn a few tips that you can employ to find more fish, land them, and make the most of your nighttime inshore fishing charter trip.

Pre-Tie Leaders and Jigs

While most inshore charters will have some light availability when you’re on the boat, remember that it will be pitch-black out on the water. There aren’t any streetlights or casual ambient light sources other than the ones nature provides, and the light that’s thrown by the moon and stars isn’t enough to do precision tying. Make things easy on yourself before you leave the shore by pre-tying plenty of jigs and leaders. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with tying more than you think you’ll need. You’ll use them eventually, so there won’t be any waste. And it’s better to have too many pre-ties than to lose valuable fishing time by fumbling around with tying in the dark while fighting the rolling waves.

Adapt Your Lures

You may be crazy about that flashy colored rig that drives the speckled trout and redfish crazy in the daytime. However, at night, you’re lacking one critical element that you can depend on in the daytime. That factor is sunlight. Without it, you’ll have to resort to appealing to the other senses of your quarry. When fish can’t see well in dim light, they rely on sound and smell. Make sure to use baits that incorporate noise and vibration, as that will draw fish in even when light is scant. And if you can find a way to incorporate scented or flavored baits into your rig, that’s even more reason to give your hook a bump to investigate. Also, remember that even under low light conditions, anything floating on the surface provides a silhouette that a fish can easily discern. Topwater lures also make for good low light options.

Change Your Tactics

Maybe you’re more accustomed to day fishing by sight-casting topwater lures at lunkers lurking in the grass beds. However, at night, you may want to change your strategy up a little. Don’t be afraid to use chum to draw fish in. The same goes for light. Both elements will bring fish to you, so make sure that you bring along a little of both on the trip. And if you can find live bait, consider investing in some live shrimp, live baby crabs, or bull minnows for your night fishing expedition. After all, what could possibly make for more convincing bait than what the fish you’re seeking naturally eat at night anyway?

By using these few night fishing tips, you can get the most of your inshore fishing charter after dark. To learn more about some things you can do to make your nighttime fishing more productive, contact Liquid Force Inshore Charters at (251) 233-5731.

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